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On March 15, 2020 the Campanile closed its doors, for the safety of our patrons artsits, staff and volunteers. The pandemic-driven closure of arts venues was quick, it was brutal, and it threatened the Campanile.

However, what has ensued since then has been remarkable. Enrollment at the Conservatory has grown more than 30% and we have started presenting shows again to enthusiastic audiences. Despite the challenges the Campanile, and our community, have faced throughout the pandemic, the Center continued to find innovative ways to remain open, such as changing the format of summer youth theater, offering remote instruction and finding ways to engage with the community. We opened our doors to local bands and small ensembles that needed a large place to rehearse to accommodate distancing. There have even been some new ensembles born from this time. We are working in myriad ways both large and small such as offering Lakeland Star Academy students skills based learning.

With your support, we can make an even bigger difference. Donate today, and help us transform lives through the power of the arts!

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