The calendar has finally turned over to Ole’s favorite event of the year - State Fair time. Unfortunately, Lena doesn’t share Ole’s excitement. For years Lena has been in countless competitions with her arch rival Elaine Danielson, always battling, only to end up with a tie for the coveted blue ribbons. But this year Lena has a new trick up her sleeve that she’s sure will tip the balance in her favor.

Ole, on the other hand, has his own fair surprise this year. Ole heard on CCO that Sweet Martha makes a truck load of money at the fair so Ole and Sven have decided their going to turn the Fair into a money making operation with a food stand of their own. Their goal is to come up with something they can stuff on a stick and get them on TV with Frank and Amelia.

But when it comes time for the leave for the Fair, Lena is nowhere to be found. Can Ole find Lena in time to spring her surprise on arch nemesis Elaine? You'll have to see for yourself at "Ole and Lena at the State Fair"